Friday 26th December 2015
Past Winners

King George Chase - Roll of Honour

The King George VI Chase has one of the most outstanding rolls of honour of any National Hunt race. The list is full of household names, great champions, and great King George Chase legends who have all won this famous race on Boxing Day.

There have been some great names who have won the King George in recent memory with two four time winners who stand out. The great grey Desert Orchid won the race four times in five years between 1986 and 1990, while the brilliant Kauto Star won the race no less than five times in six years between 2006 and 2011.

Recent King George Chase Winners

2013Silviniaco Conti7Noel FehilyPaul Nicholls
2012Long Run8Mr S Waley-CohenNicky Henderson
2011Kauto Star11Ruby WalshPaul Nicholls
2010Long Run6Mr S Waley-CohenNicky Henderson
2009Kauto Star9Ruby WalshPaul Nicholls
2008Kauto Star8Ruby WalshPaul Nicholls
2007Kauto Star7Ruby WalshPaul Nicholls
2006Kauto Star6Ruby WalshPaul Nicholls
2005Kicking King7Barry GeraghtyTom Taafe
2004Kicking Kick6Barry GeraghtyTom Taafe
2003Ebredon Bleu11Jim CullotyHenrietta Knight
2002Best Mate7Tony McCoyHenrietta Knight
2001Florida Pearl9Adrian MaguireWillie Mullins
2000First Gold7Thierry DoumainFrancois Doumen
1999See More Business9Mick FitzgeraldPaul Nicholls
1998Teeton Mill9Norman WilliamsonVenetia Williams
1997See More Business7Andrew ThorntonPaul Nicholls
1996One Man8Richard DunwoodyGordon Richards
1995One Man7Richard DunwoodyGordon Richards
1994Algan6Phillipe ChevalierFrancois Doumen
1993Barton Fink7Adrian MaguireDavid Nicholson
1992The Fellow7Adam KondratFrancois Doumen
1991The Fellow6Adam KondratFrancois Doumen
1990Desert Orchid11Richard DunwoodyDavid Elsworth
1989Desert Orchid10Richard DunwoodyDavid Elsworth
1988Desert Orchid9Simon SherwoodDavid Elsworth
1987Nupsala8Andre PommierFrancois Doumen
1986Desert Orchid6Simon SherwoodDavid Elsworth
1985Wayward Lad10Graham BradleyMonica Dickenson
1984Burrough Hill Lad8John FrancomeJenny Pitman
1983Wayward Lad8Robert EarnshawMonica Dickenson
1982Wayward Lad7John FrancomeMonica Dickenson